24 January 2009

How do you sleep?

Since I'm in the car, awaiting the arrival in SF. My mum is off to the airport to fly off to Taiwan. She'll be back next week. However, because of this, I'm not able to go to my school's Winter Homecoming. Sure I'm a little bitter, but it's okay. I might as well give an update.
Alright, well, last weekend, I got to hang out and have dinner with my BFFAE, Janelle, and her family. (: We take pictures every time we meet together. Hoever, after that dinner, I got dreadfully sick. Quite a perfect timing with the start of a new term. So, I missed the first two days of school, coming back on Thursday to very much intensity. (Yes, that photo is of me sick.) Oh! I forgot to mention that my lovely boyfriend surprised me and came over, bringing me flowers, a teddy bear, get-well-soon cards, and two bottles of my favourite XXX vitaminwater! (:
Though Thursday was bad, Friday was a shorter day, with a rally at the end of the day. I was so excited to see royalty. Though the nominees were predictable, it was a fun rally. Our fabulous Fusion dance team (in the photo) was amazing.
I end this post with nothing more than a mention of me and my brother in that last picture. (: Time to do calculus... Or perhaps fall into a deep sleep and have a dream... Scratch that - nightmare of Fringe, which I just caught up on this week's episode. HOLY MOLY it was intense.

Tah for now.
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