24 December 2008

Merry Christmas.. Eve. (:

Happy Holidays! It's the Christmas time. And I'm trying to tame my temper and enjoy all my family's presence. I'm forgetting all about schoolwork and applications to spend time with friends and family. Everyone ought to do the same, but I'm pretty sure this attempted forgetfulness is not a good thing. /:

It's fine. And Merry Christmas!
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23 December 2008


Wow. This year, the holidays came so quickly. In between the rush of Christmas shopping, I managed to take a moment to sit down at Raley's for some coffee. So here I am, just drinking my vastly expensive cup of coffee. (:

Until Christmas truly arrives,
Au revoir.
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24 November 2008

Foggy days.

Ridding to school. Fog. Like those in black and white scary movies. My morning cup of coffee in hand. Slightly hesitant to start my day. Optimism in hand. Chilly Keds covered feet. Morning celeb gossip and falling modeks on runways with difficult footwear. Bless their hearts. UCapps due in just a few days. Panic arises, just like the fog...
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19 November 2008

The sound of crunching leaves on my Keds...

It's Autumn. I love it. The changing leaves... Especially the way they crunch when I step on them. I hate getting stuck in classrooms when the trees are so pretty. But, thanks a heap, global warming, for giving us warm weather now. It's so mean. I'm ready to pull out my coats.

Oh and tis the season for sleepy coworkers... Festive.
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15 November 2008

New Term, New Adventures?

Hahaha. Doubtful. It's been a while, but I lost my old Blackberry and had to purchase a new one a while back. I forgot about my blogventures. Anyways, here's the latest.

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09 June 2008

New haircut & coloured hair please?

I got some coppery highlights in my hair, but I'm digging this cut and colour that's attached to this post. (: I'm considering doing it after Brown and after Janelle and I take senior portraits. (:

Well, I'm off to volunteer this morning. Cheers.
*Note: I do not own the picture of me. Found it on a hairstyle site. (:
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28 May 2008

Awakeathon 2008

Awakeathon is a Key Club annual event for each division, in which we spend 12 hours awake and raise money for a cause. This year, we had 2 Awakeathons for Division 7, our division, and we were lucky enough to be invited to D44 South's Awakeathon. It was held at Pleasant Grove HS and it was such a blast. This year's cause was for the Kiwanis Family House - a place for families to stay when they have a child or family member staying at the UCD med center and they live 35 miles or farther.

It was an exhausting 12 hours and I can't really explain all the fun that was done in text, so this post will be all pictures.

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25 May 2008

Fun with LO.

One of my best friends, Lo, and I hung out. She spent the night Friday after her driving lesson, and she stayed til around 6 on Saturday before Awakeathon. Fun. We hung out, gossiped, and went to my old elementary school's playground.

It was fun.
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20 May 2008

It's over... It's over right now.

It's so tremendously boring right now in my psychology class. I'm kind of drenching myself in excuses ... To not do my English essay. You know, I don't have my power cord to my laptop, my head hurts, and the like.

I'm just going to post the rest of RFL pictures now. I wish I could have got more pictures and had more time, but I couldn't. I slept... a long time - while my friends were consuming in making kimchi noodles at 2am.

Anyways, I'll soon be sending an update letter to those who donated. Thank you for making us the youth group with the most money fundraised!

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17 May 2008

Getting late?

Today was hot and I was sweaty. In fact, it's still hot. Lucky for me, my best friend Janelle's mum and dad offered to drive us to their house so we can shower. I am so grateful. I feel so clean. (:

The afternoon was fun, as we hung out. I even snuck in a little nap. That was nice. Then, we were able to watch the Franklin Theatre Company's Seussical Jr. It was hot, but it was cute.

We're driving back to the camp site.
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Relay for Life is hot.

Though I love RFL, I swear this year is miserable. SoooOo miserable. Yeah, so basically, I'm just having fun with all my friends. (: I'm currently signed up to walk for Franklin Key Club for 930-1030 on the track, but I've been periodically walking with BFF Janelle.

Oh, did I mention it was hot?

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Rise and Shine, Sunshine.

Well, I didn't really sleep well last night. There was just some friend and relationship problems that popped up last night. Anways, our RFL team leader suggested that we get to the site, Consumnes River College at 7am! I tried, but again, I'm late.

I'm in the. Car right now. I gulfed down some bagel with cream cheese, packed, and left with my mum. (: We'll be on site at around 8am.
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16 May 2008

Relay for Life 2008.

Ready or not? Here it comes. I'm hoping I can blog while I'm there. I'll give my friends and family the action that's going on. 24 hours of free food, fun, and best friends? Of course things will happen. It'll be fun. To those who donated in my name, I hope you guys realize how much I appreciate it and thank you for sponsoring me. (:

I raised around 400$ this year! Anyways, I hope you have fun, I know I will. Relay for Life 2008 will be amazing. (:
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18 March 2008

A Spring Break Endeavor: Update.

Well, this Spring Break is the time to tour unversities and begin my search for where I want to take my higher education.
My family and I decided on visiting two universities down in Sothern California to check out. On Sunday, we drove down to San Diego and got there and rested before heading to dinner at this fabulously quaint little restaurant in La Jolla called Sante Ristorante. It was lovely. I probably had the best tortellini of my whole life.
Monday. We headed to UCSD to check out their campus on one of their campus tours. It was so lovely. I was absolutely enthralled with their six college program along with their architecture. However, their campus is sooooo spread out. I was like, how am I going to manuver this campus? Anyways, it was great and I got a sweatshirt. We went back to the hotel like a half a mile from UCSD and then decided to head toward the shopping center to shop for my prom dress since I still haven't got it and Prom is less than a week away. For sure. Yeah. I'm basically like whoaness. We didn't find anything, so we headed back... Slept and then went back to eat dinner in the food court.
This morning, we took off to LA. I don't remember much about the car ride since I fell asleep intensely the whole ride and woke up and we were at UCLA. I met a friend of mine after hitting the food court at the Ackerman Union and then we walked around and I fell in love with the campus and everything. I really have my heart on going here if I stay in California. We went and hung out for a while in the car until we went to dinner with my cousin and ate at Tomodachi Sushi. It was absolutely fantastic. We're now in the car headed toward Disneyland. I didn't have much of a normal childhood with Disney, so I hope I can renew it. (:
That's all I have for now. (:

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