18 March 2008

A Spring Break Endeavor: Update.

Well, this Spring Break is the time to tour unversities and begin my search for where I want to take my higher education.
My family and I decided on visiting two universities down in Sothern California to check out. On Sunday, we drove down to San Diego and got there and rested before heading to dinner at this fabulously quaint little restaurant in La Jolla called Sante Ristorante. It was lovely. I probably had the best tortellini of my whole life.
Monday. We headed to UCSD to check out their campus on one of their campus tours. It was so lovely. I was absolutely enthralled with their six college program along with their architecture. However, their campus is sooooo spread out. I was like, how am I going to manuver this campus? Anyways, it was great and I got a sweatshirt. We went back to the hotel like a half a mile from UCSD and then decided to head toward the shopping center to shop for my prom dress since I still haven't got it and Prom is less than a week away. For sure. Yeah. I'm basically like whoaness. We didn't find anything, so we headed back... Slept and then went back to eat dinner in the food court.
This morning, we took off to LA. I don't remember much about the car ride since I fell asleep intensely the whole ride and woke up and we were at UCLA. I met a friend of mine after hitting the food court at the Ackerman Union and then we walked around and I fell in love with the campus and everything. I really have my heart on going here if I stay in California. We went and hung out for a while in the car until we went to dinner with my cousin and ate at Tomodachi Sushi. It was absolutely fantastic. We're now in the car headed toward Disneyland. I didn't have much of a normal childhood with Disney, so I hope I can renew it. (:
That's all I have for now. (:

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