27 January 2008

An actual adventure ... to somewhere.

Actually, this is hardly an adventure. My family and I are just going to my aunt's house to drop my grandpa off, so on Tuesday, the rest of us (my mum, dad, brother, and me) can head to L.A. It actually isn't going to be a grand adventure per say, it's more of missing school to go to my uncle's funeral. Exciting much? Not really.

On a randomer note, I absolutely adore Jell-O sugar free vanilla pudding. It's only like 60 kcal and it tastes absolutely delectable. Sadly, it's addicting, just like my phone. I ate like 2 of them last night and then 1 more this morning after my breakfast of eggrolls. Hahaha. I ought to get a MicroSD card so I can take more lovely pictures!

It's raining horribly now, as we're headed to the mountains... and as I work on my Calculus homework. This problem has totally got me stumped. I was working on the same problem last night and I managed to find a really cool blog: mathrefresher.blogspot.com, but of course, I am the nerdy type to adore a newfound blog of... math. Hahah.

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