25 January 2008

It's because you're so trendy Rachel Bilson.

According to celebrityblackberrysightings.com, the teen queen is back to using a Blackberry Pearl after that dreadful stint of hers: using a Sidekick LX. What a smart young woman to go back to a Blackberry.

Well, here goes another night with loads of homework. Leave it to me to leave all the homework to late at night. At least tomorrow is a Friday. Shall I assess the homework damage for tonight?

Japanese: Workbook page 77 - Section I, II, III
Calculus: Assignment #4.3 (what I'm doing right now). It's a bajillion problems on anti-derivatives. Care to lend a hand?
History: something about Jim Crow Laws to read + 3 questions to answer.
Chemistry: Bookwork problems. 20+ problems on Dalton's and the Ideal Gas Law.

Yes. That's a lot and I am well aware of the fact that it's almost 9:00pm and yes, I really ought to keep on keeping on my Calculus homework.

Oh - the pictures attached to this post are random... my lovely textbook page and my horrifically messy desk.

I'm off to attempt this nearly impossible feat.

Cheers and goodnight,
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